François Schuiten

François who ? You really don’t know who François Schuiten is ; THE very very famous Belgian comic-strip artist, renowned for, among others, the Cities of the Fantastic series. After debuting in Metal Hurlant magazine, a true talent pool of contemporary comics, François Schuiten has drawn together an impressive body of work which has allowed… Continue reading François Schuiten

Chris Craps

Despite studying animal sciences at the Catholic University of Louvain, Chris Craps felt more drawn to the 7th art, his first love. He wrote a script, The White Ant, but the prospect of a career as a journalist turned out to be stronger. He started as an editor with the radio news service of Concentra… Continue reading Chris Craps

Jacqueline Harpman

Jacqueline Harpman is not only a figurehead of Belgian psychoanalysis. For more than 40 years she has spoiled crime lovers with novels like “La plage d’Ostende”, “Le bonheur dans le crime”, “Moi qui n’ai jamais connu les hommes” and “Orlanda”. As a psychoanalyst, she published studies like “L’objet partiel, l’objet anatomique, la fonction”, “L’organisation narcissique… Continue reading Jacqueline Harpman

Jean-Henri Compere

For 15 years now, Jean-Henri Compère has played an active part in Belgian cinema. Besides roles in Jacko Van Dormael’s Toto the Hero and The Eighth Day, you could also see him explain The Sexual Life of the Belgians and play a cultural animator in Camping Cosmos, two films by Jan Bucquoy. Jean-Henri Compère also… Continue reading Jean-Henri Compere