Hideo Nakata

The least that you can say about Japanese director Hideo Nakata, is that he hasn’t wasted time since his 1996 debut, the horror movie Don’t Look Up. In 1998 he realised Ring (our Golden Raven 1999) as well as Ring II (Festival 2000), the first two parts of the famous Japanese horror trilogy. The next… Continue reading Hideo Nakata

Dirk Roofthooft

Audiences in the lowlands know Dirk Roofthooft especially from his impressive performance as Pietje the Liar in Frank Van Passel’s acclaimed television series Return to Oosterdonk. But Roofthooft is also one of Belgium’s most versatile actors. He has collaborated with famous theatre directors, choreographers and musicians, such as Jan Fabre, Luc Perceval, Guy Cassiers, Jan… Continue reading Dirk Roofthooft

Catherine Jacob

In 1988, Catherine Jacob left an unforgettable impression on film fans with her performance as the maid Thérèse in Etienne Chatiliez’s Le bonheur est dans le pré. Chatiliez, aware of her comic talent, consequently offers her parts in each of his films. She plays the beauty specialist in Tati Danielle and Madame André in La… Continue reading Catherine Jacob

Herschell Gordon Lewis

1963 saw the birth of “gore”. Herschell Gordon Lewis directs Blood Feast, using buckets of blood, exposed raw meat, bone and gristle. To his own amazement, the film is an immediate cult-hit. To the great joy of the fans and to the horror of the moral majority, in the next few years Lewis delivers some… Continue reading Herschell Gordon Lewis

Robert Loggia

For more than 45 years, Robert Loggia has been active on the small and big screen. He’s especially known for his memorable gangster parts in films as Brian De Palma’s Scarface, John Huston’s Prizzi’s Honour and John Landis’ Innocent Blood. You will also remember him from Oliver Stone’s cult TV-series Wild Palms and the blockbuster… Continue reading Robert Loggia

Delphine Chuillot

Although Delphine Chuillot’s acting career has only just begun, she’s already gathered lots of experience on the stage. Between 1993’s Lettres d’une Inconnue, based on Stephan Zweig and 1999’s Une Envie de Tuer sur le Bout de la Langue, by Xavier Durringer, she featured in a dozen plays. In 1998, when she’s still a student… Continue reading Delphine Chuillot

Alain Berliner

In 1997 Belgian director Alain Berliner turned head’s world-wide with Ma Vie en Rose, the touching story of a young boy’s desire to be a girl. The film received numerous awards, such as the Golden Globe and the Prix Soleil d’Enfance at the Cannes Film Festival and was Belgium’s entry for the Oscars. It was… Continue reading Alain Berliner