Harry Kümel

This year, the guest list doesn’t stop surprising you, because the great Harry Kümel, who is doctor in demonology and the occult at the Academy of Pataphysics will be present at the festival. Mostly know for his adaptation of Malpertuis ( 1972 ) by Jean Ray, with the famous Orson Welles and Michel Bouquet, Kümel… Continue reading Harry Kümel

Dick Maas

Dutch director Dick Maas has been a BIFFF-regular from the start. In 1985 he was a member of our international jury. He visited us again in 1996 as the very first supervisor of our legendary film students’ workshop and in 2002 as a member of our European jury and to present Down, the American remake… Continue reading Dick Maas

Nacho Cerdá

If you’re a convinced short filmmaker, you cannot help being irritated by the ever returning question : “When are you going to make a long feature ?”. Luckily, Nacho Cerda didn’t have to hear that too much. If you look at his oeuvre, consisting of the fantasy shorts The Awakening, Genesis and The Aftermath, you… Continue reading Nacho Cerdá