Diana Elbaum

What do cinematographic gems like Raoul Peck’s Lumumba, Patricia Mazui’s St Cyr and Solveig Anspach’s Haut les coeurs ! have in common ? For one, they have all attracted the attention of producer Diana Elbaum, who has the gift of discovering the pearls of the seventh art for her production company Entre Chien et Loup.… Continue reading Diana Elbaum

Jean-François Pluijgers

Young Jean-François Pluyghers wears out his ears (and his parent’s nerves) by listening to the soothing sounds of The Buzzcocks, The Stranglers, The Damned, The Saints, The Cramps, The Gun Club and other notorious The The’s. His passion for music is only equalled by his love for cinema. Especially Robert Mitchum’s diabolical performance in Charles… Continue reading Jean-François Pluijgers

Tindaro Tassone

When you’re manager of a company like New City Cars, part of the group Fiat, Alfa-Romeo & Lancia, which has a solid reputation in supporting the cultural sector, it’s no wonder that a love for the fine arts features prominently on your resume. From its very beginning, Tindaro Tassone is a collaborator of the Mons… Continue reading Tindaro Tassone

Marc Van Den Broecke

In October 2001, after a career in the private sector, Mark Van Den Broeke joins the cabinet of the Flemish Minister of Culture as a counsellor. In this capacity, he’s involved in the formal aspects of cultural policy, like management agreements, financial expertise, infrastructure and the artist’s statute. His advice is also asked regarding audiovisual… Continue reading Marc Van Den Broecke

Jean-Louis Sbille

Travelling is good for your health and develops your talent. From his countryside birthplace to Portugal, where he participated to the 1975 re­volution, passing by the plateau of Larzac, where he herded goats, Jean-Louis Sbille has come a long way ! He even used to be a clown in Paris. When he returned to Belgium… Continue reading Jean-Louis Sbille

Dany Deprez

Danny Deprez is considered as one of the best Belgian fantasy film directors. While studying at Art High Shool in Ghent, he realizes his first short film, October Night, under supervision of awarded animation director Raoul Servais. He then goes to work for the Flemish state television channel, where he directs various TV programs. His… Continue reading Dany Deprez

Christine De Groodt

At the beginning of the eighties, Christine De Groodt started her career in the music business, working for known labels as Warner, RCA and BMG. Ten years later, she switched to the world of cinema, becoming a Marketing Manager for Columbia Tristar Films. After seven years, she got promoted to Managing Director for Columbia Tristar… Continue reading Christine De Groodt

Paule Caraël

After studying psychology and journalism at the Free University of Brussels, Paule Carael is active as a psychologist for ten years. Then, in 1972, she starts working for the Ministry of Culture of the French Community. There she witnesses the birth of the first cultural centres. After another ten years, she lends her experience to… Continue reading Paule Caraël