Julien Vrebos

In 1998, when Julien Vrebos makes his first feature film, he has already a noteworthy career behind him as a photographer, journalist and maker of TV-documentaries. In the eighties, the mysterious gang of Nivelles brutally killed some 35 people in commando-style raids on supermarkets. They were never caught. Le Bal Masqué brings this period back… Continue reading Julien Vrebos

Norman Spinrad

In 1959, during the beatnik wave, young New Yorker Norman Spinrad’s encounters with visionaries like Phillip K. Dick, Timothy Leary, A.G. Ballard, Michael Moorcock and William Burroughs and his experiences with psychedelic drugs, drive him to study psychology, the most literary of human sciences. It’s not long before he discovers his writing talent. Science Fiction… Continue reading Norman Spinrad

Olivier Torres

French actor Olivier Torres debuts in 1985 in Hurlevents, Jacques Rivette’s adaptation of Wuthering Heights. You can’t really say that this has given him a taste for cinema, because his next appearance on the big screen is in 1996, but it’s a part that counts. Torres plays alongside Jean-Pierre Léaud and Maggie Cheung in Olivier… Continue reading Olivier Torres

Claude Pinoteau

Le silencieux (1972) started the career of French director Claude Pinoteau (° 1925). Pinoteau is known as a thorough professional, whose films are very successful. That was already the case with Le silencieux in the seventies and La septième cible in the eighties, both made with screenwriter Jean-Loup Dabadie and actor Lino Ventura. He became… Continue reading Claude Pinoteau

Gérard Lauzier

After studying philosophy and architecture, Frenchman Gérard Lauzier started a career as a comic-strip artist. He created a hilarious portrait of his generation (the one who thought they could change the world) in illustrious ma­gazines like Pilote. His attempts to translate his comic-strip universe to the big screen in films like T’empêches tout le monde… Continue reading Gérard Lauzier

Jérôme Boivin

If Jérôme Boivin’s name rings a bell, it’s because he’s the director of the unforgettable Baxter from 1989. Indeed, that nasty dog who kills ! Three years later, strengthened by the public and critical acclaim of his debut, he rea­lizes Le confession d’un barjo, starring Hyppolite Girardot, Richard Bohringer and Anne Brochet. Since then, Jérôme… Continue reading Jérôme Boivin