Ronny Yu

Born in Hong Kong in 1950, Ronny Yu studied marketing and communication at the Southern University of California and the university of Ohio. He is one of the latest directors who took a chance to move from HK to Hollywood to make films. In Hong Kong, he is known best for directing Brandon Lee in… Continue reading Ronny Yu

Tom Novembre

Tom Novembre’s (°Nancy, 1959) career starts in theatre with Deux Hamburgers pour le Quatre (1978), followed by plays he writes together with his brother Charlélie Couture. Still at the theatre, he acts in the musical comedys by Luc Plamandon and Michel Berger : La légende de Jimmy (1990). In the meantime, Novembre has recorded three records :… Continue reading Tom Novembre

Frank Van Passel

Frank Van Passel showed, after finishing his studies, an immediate interest from his future colleagues. His first short film, Smell of Rain (1988), delivered him national and international fame and various awards. In Belgium he won the Joseph Plateau and the Sabam prize and over the borders, he was awarded in Nîmes with the prize… Continue reading Frank Van Passel

Alexandra Stewart

Alexandra Stewart was born in Montreal in 1939 and went to Paris in 1958 to study art. After doing some publicity work as a model, she appears in her first feature film, The Motorcycle Cops. Her remarkable performance in Love is When You Make It by Pierre Kast is the start of a career among… Continue reading Alexandra Stewart