Jean-Marie Buchet

Jean-Marie Buchet (Jemappes, °1938) decides in 1957 to enter the Section Experimental Cinema of La Cambre. He studies photography and directs 3 short films: Discours, Comment se pendre qu’il sonorisera in 1974 and Masques (1959) which he makes in collaboration with Marc Lobet. Over the course of his career, he makes short fiction films, experimental… Continue reading Jean-Marie Buchet

Frank Moens

In 1999, when everyone is jumping on the internet train, a bunch of film buffs at the VUB launches their own film critic’s website, Kutsite. 6 years later, many similar initiatives have been put in the trash can, but Kutsite is still alive and kicking and has become a strong reference in the north of… Continue reading Frank Moens

Gauthier Keyaerts

Some people in life have all the luck, and Gauthier Keyaerts is without a doubt one of them: he has always managed to combine his two passions, music and cinema. At an early age he spends his time watching B-movies and prevents his neighbours from sleeping by playing noisy punkrock in the basement. When he’s… Continue reading Gauthier Keyaerts

Jan Bucquoy

How could we represent Jan Bucquoy in less than 1000 characters? Where do we start? With his Vie Sexuelle de Tintin? With his stands against the monarchy? With his panty museum? With his cake throwing practises with his pal Noel Godin? With his political party (B.A.N.A.N.E.)? With his intention to commit a “Coup d’Etat” –… Continue reading Jan Bucquoy

Anne Herion

During her studies of journalism, Anne Herion decides to go to Belfast, Rome and Serbia to make reports. After that, she studies the political sociology of Central and Eastern Europe for one year. Around the same time, she starts working in a small videoshop in the heart of Brussels, l’Excellence. Two years later, she buys… Continue reading Anne Herion