Audrey Lekaene

Armed with a degree in public relations and as an English/Spanish translator, Audrey Lekaene (1978°) already developed an interest in the world of film festivals at a fairly young age. She has worked for various famous festivals such as the Festival d’Amour de Mons, the Fiff, the Festival des Films du Monde de Montreal and… Continue reading Audrey Lekaene

Roland Lethem

Roland Lethem is correspondent in Brussels for Midi-Minuit Fantastique and co-author of two volumes: Science Fiction in Cinema by Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, and 65 years of Science Fiction in Cinema. He also has an internationally successful career as an independent director of underground and experimental films. Several of his movies were awarded, among which Le Sexe… Continue reading Roland Lethem

Philippe Manche

Philippe Manche was born in Doornik and spent his youth between the records of Bob Marley, Serge Gainsbourg and The Clash. At a later age, he admires Mano Negra and The Pixies. He also develops a passion for cinema, more specifically the work of Fritz Lang, Howard Hawkes and Martin Scorsese. From 1986 onwards, Manche… Continue reading Philippe Manche

Gil Van Laer

Born in 1968, Gil Van Laer already developed an interest in ‘moving images’ from a fairly young age. Later, his studies at the Solvay Business School of the Free University of Brussels occurred at the same time as the opening of Belgium’s first Multiplex (Kinepolis Brussels), a happy coincidence which resulted in the fact that… Continue reading Gil Van Laer

Mattias Derdeyn

Mattias Derdeyn studied communications and public relations. At the age of 27, he already has plenty of experience in politics. Before he joined the cabinet of Charles Picqué, Minister President of the Brussels Capital Region, he was press attaché for Charles Picqué when the latter was the Federal Minister of Economy and Scientific Research (2001-2003),… Continue reading Mattias Derdeyn

Luc Jabon

Luc Jabon (Brussels, 1948°) has been writing screenplays for more than twenty years. He collaborated as a co-writer on some famous Belgian films such as The Music Teacher by Gérard Corbiau, Babylon by Manu Bonmariage and Maria by Marian Handwerker. He also co-wrote some work for television, under which Une Sirène dans la Nuit by… Continue reading Luc Jabon