Richard Franklin

“Australian director Richard Franklin is a graduate of the celebrated University of Southern California Cinema School. He debuted in 1975 with the controversial True Story of Eskimo Nell. His second picture, the occult thriller Patrick, brought him to the attention of Hollywood producers. Franklin directed Stacy Keach and Jamie Lee Curtis in Roadgames and made… Continue reading Richard Franklin

Sogo Ishii

The influence of the Japanese enfant terrible Sogo Ishii (Fukuoka, 1957°) on the development of contemporary Japanese Cinema is incontestable. In the late 70ties, he was the first to make the move from underground amateur filmmaking to the professional industry, paving the way for followers as diverse as Shinya Tsukamoto, Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Makoto Shinozaki.… Continue reading Sogo Ishii

Amanda Plummer

Amanda Plummer (New York, 1957), daughter of Tammy Grimes and Christopher Plummer, was born to be an actress. On the stage in, amongst others, Agnes of God, A Taste of Honey and The Glass Menagerie, she won popular and critical acclaim, gathering many awards along the way. Plummer made her screen debut in George Roy… Continue reading Amanda Plummer

Fabrice Du Welz

In October 1972, while the survivors of flight 571 Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya were indulging in cannibalism high up in the Andes, little Fabrice came into this world. 32 years later he became Mister Du Welz, the most prominent Belgian genre film ambassador, with Calvaire. This nihilist smack-in-the-face was an international hit, but he would have… Continue reading Fabrice Du Welz

Udo Kier

Considered a giant of global cinema, Udo Kier is a real chameleon who slides through all genres with an agility that avoids all etiquette. Passing from Lars von Trier to Michael Bay without blushing, Udo Kier is greedily searching for more experience and doesn’t care what anyone says. In 1970, he started with MARK OF… Continue reading Udo Kier