Dominique Pinon

Born in 1955 in Saumur (France). Acted in over 40 movies and about 20 plays, most notably in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Delicatessen, The City Of Lost Children, Alien Ressurection, Amelie of Montmartre and A Very Long Engagement. He received the Molière for Best Actor for his part in the theatre production L’Hiver Sous La Table by… Continue reading Dominique Pinon


Born November 18, 1964, in Wakayama, Wakayama, Japan. Sabu is the pseudonym of Japanese actor and director Hiroyuki Tanaka. He began his career as an actor but quickly moved into directing. His films often feature black comedy, plot twists and the yakuza. Recently, he’s made films in which the lead roles were filled either by… Continue reading Sabu

James Gunn

Born and raised in St Louis. Versatile writer, actor and director. Started working at Troma Entertainment, for which he wrote the cult hit Tromeo And Juliet. Gunn left Troma to write and star in The Specials, and wrote the scripts for the Scooby-doo films and the Dawn Of The Dead remake. His love for comedy… Continue reading James Gunn

Laura Harring

Received much came acclaim for her portrayal as a car crash victim in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. Her performances reminded many of legends such as Rita Hayworth, and got her an Alma Award, and a Golden Eagle Award. Has worked with actors such as Denzel Washington (John Q) and Crispin lover (Willard). Recently she joined… Continue reading Laura Harring

Shûsuke Kaneko

Born on the 8th of July in 1955 in Tokyo, Shusuke Kaneko graduated from the Tokyo Gakugei University. After leaving the Nikkatsu Corporation, he made several feature films of which The Gamera Trilogy was the most acclaimed. This year he will present his latest work at BIFFF: the two parts of the Death Note saga.

Daniel Knauf

Also known under the pseudonym Wilfred Schmidt, a famous occultist he personified in the second season of Carnivale. American film writer, comic book writer and producer who was born in California, where he attended the State University. His epic mystery tv show Carnivale lasted for two seasons on HBO, and was also very popular overseas.

William Lustig

Born in The Bronx, New York. American film director and producer who has worked primarily in the horror genre. As a film director, Lusting is best known for his films MANIAC, UNCLE SAM, and the MANIAC COP SERIES. Lustig has also worked as an actor playing small roles in films by Sam Raimi (DARKMAN, ARMY… Continue reading William Lustig

Brian Yuzna

Yuzna grew up in Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and Panama before he moved to the US in the eighties. Together with Julio Fernández he founded the Fantastic Factory in 2000, for which he produced horror and sci-fi films until last year. He is internationally known as one of the main supporters of the horrorgenre, and has… Continue reading Brian Yuzna