Didier Stiers

This familiar face at the festival has been covering the BIFFF for many years now for Le Soir. He’s also a regular collaborator for L’Echo. This ULB graduate might look detached, but he is actually very rigorous and professional. His passions are cinema as well as music and there are not many festivals in Belgian… Continue reading Didier Stiers

Steven Tuffin

Steven Tuffin was born in Antwerp in 1975. From the first day on this planet, his father infected him with his love for horror and sci-fi movies. After studying philology, he did a post graduation on film theory and image culture. He started working as a film journalist for Studio Brussel, Zone 02, Gazet Van… Continue reading Steven Tuffin

Gaëtan Dedeken

Gaetan Dedeken was fascinated by film before he could even walk. He graduates in 1991 from the Narafi. In 2000, he founds Monkey Productions, together with director Manu Gomez. Their first long feature, Le Prince de ce monde, was shown at the BIFFF 2008. Since 2002, Dedeken is also responsable for the departement postproduction of… Continue reading Gaëtan Dedeken