Tommy Wirkola

Director / screenwriter of Dead Snow ( BIFFF 2009 ). From Alta in northern Norway, he studied media at Finnmark University College and film science at the Lillehammer University College. He earned his bachelor’s degree in film and television from Bond University, Australia. His first feature film was Kill Buljo : The Movie ( 2007… Continue reading Tommy Wirkola

Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace has appeared in over 120 films, numerous television shows, and has starred in four series. She has worked with such greats as Steven Spielberg ( E.T. ), Blake Edwards ( 10 ), Joe Dante ( The Howling ), Lewis Teague ( Cujo ), Peter Jackson ( The Frighteners ), and Rob Zombie (… Continue reading Dee Wallace

Takashi Shimizu

Born on July 27th, 1972 in Japan. Studied drama at the Kinki University and graduated at the film school in Tokyo. He is a big fan of horror films, but was unable to watch them until he was in junior high school. As a director he is mostly known for the ‘Ju-on/The Grudge’ series, of… Continue reading Takashi Shimizu

Nabil Ben Yadir

Nabil Ben Yadir was born in Molenbeek, Brussels and belongs to the exclusive group of autodidactic directors. He was refused twice at the art school and went on studying electrical engineering. But his passion to tell stories was too big, so he decided to make films after all. In 2009 he made his first feature… Continue reading Nabil Ben Yadir