Marc-Henri Wajnberg

Writer, director, actor and producer Marc-Henri Wajnberg has made several documentaries, animation series, a feature film, a few short features and a whole lot of quickies, which gives a total of 3,800 films. He has also produced a series of 33 documentaries for ARTE and the docu-fiction The Five Obstructons with Lars von Trier. He… Continue reading Marc-Henri Wajnberg

Danny Elsen

Like a poet plays with words, a DOP plays with light and Danny Elsen has done this with much success. His outstanding work has already won him many awards. 1998 : nominated for a European Film Award nominated for best DOP. 2005 : Joseph Plateau award for “Best Belgian Cinematography” for Buitenspel, Verlengd weekend and… Continue reading Danny Elsen

Vincent Patar

Vincent Patar ( 1965° ) is a writer and director of animation movies. In 1986, he met Stéphane Aubier at the School of Visual Arts of La Cambre in Brussels. This encounter results in the creation of two famous characters called Pic Pic, the magic pig and André, the bad horse. Their first Pic Pic… Continue reading Vincent Patar