Hugues Hausman

Hugues Hausman is an actor, director, writer and cartoonist. As he says so himself : “Life is too short to do just one thing”. He acted in several theatre plays and movies (short and long features), among which Hombres Complicados, Lisa, Resistance, Pas si grave, Taxi 4, … In 2009, he directed his first long… Continue reading Hugues Hausman

Jean Van Hamme

In 1968, Jean Van Hamme started writing his first comic-strip scripts for Paul Cuvelier, the erotic cult-comic “Epoxy” and the penultimate adventure of “Corey”. In 1976, already one of the most solicited scriptwriters of Franco-Belgian comics, he devotes himself exclusively to writing. His meeting with Grzegorz Rosinski results in the bestselling series Thorgal. And it… Continue reading Jean Van Hamme