Guillaume Malandrin

The talented audiovisual dabbler Guillame Malandrin multiplies projects and collaborations, as well in front as behind the camera. He has co-produced Les Carnets de Monsieur Manatane (interpreted by Benoît Poelvoorde) and founded the production company La Partie Prod., together with Vincent Tavier and Philippe Kauffmann. Besides being a producer, Guillaume Malandrin is also a screenwriter… Continue reading Guillaume Malandrin

Marijana Jankovic

Serbian-born actress Marijana Jankkovic is one of Danish cinema’s rising actresses. She began her career with Dancers by Pernille Fischer Christensen. After starring in the thriller Everything Will Be Fine by Christopher Boe and the political thriller The Candidate ( BIFFF 2009 ), she’ll present her latest collaboration with Christopher Boe : Beast. This big… Continue reading Marijana Jankovic

Paco Cabezas

Spanish director and screenwriter Paco Cabezas got noticed for the first time with his ultra funny and violent short feature Neon Flesh, of which he came to present the long version last year at the Bifff. His first long feature is the political ghost thriller The Appeared, shot on location in Argentina and presented at… Continue reading Paco Cabezas

Mick Garris

As a big fan of the BIFFF, Mick Garris joins our International Jury with great pleasure. He’s known as a director and producer of genre movies. Mick has created a TV programme called Fantasy Film Festival, in which he invites all the genre’s masters such as John Landis, Joe Dante, John Carpenter, Steven Spielberg or… Continue reading Mick Garris

Eric Valette

Eric Valette is a discrete but essential player in French contemporary cinema. He’s a fan of westerns and fantastic film and absolutely loves Sam Peckinpah’s The Getaway. Valette sharpens his directing skills at Canal + before releasing his first feature, Maléfique, in 2003. As Les Cahiers du Cinéma despised his movie, his career can now… Continue reading Eric Valette