Stephan Streker

It was written in the stars that Stephan Streker would end up making fi lms. Fascinated by cinema, he became a professional journalist in order to meet the people he admired the most: fi lm directors. In 1993, he wrote and directed Shadow Boxing, his fi rst short fi lm. His fi rst long feature,… Continue reading Stephan Streker

Adrian Politowski

Adrian Politowski is CEO and co-founder of uMedia. Adrian is passionate about cinema and has always wanted to have a career in the industry. In 2004, after the creation of SP Films, a production society based in London, he founds uMedia, together with Nadia Khamlichi and Jeremy Burdek. UMedia is an international cinema studio employing… Continue reading Adrian Politowski

Marie-Hélène Dozo

This talented editor is a genuine citizen of Brussels. This graduate from the Institute of Media Arts, has edited a series of long features, in particular by the Dardenne brothers ( Rosetta, The Son, The Child, Lorna’s Silence, the Kid with a Bike ), and several documentaries by Benoit Dervaux ( Gigi, Monica… and Bianca,… Continue reading Marie-Hélène Dozo

Myriam Leroy

Myriam Leroy, 31 years old, lives in Brussels. This freelance reporter writes for print media ( Focus Vif ) and radio ( Pure FM ). She’s a member of the UPCB ( Belgian Film Critics Union ) The fi rst fi lm that moved her to tears was Walt Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Since then,… Continue reading Myriam Leroy

John Engel

Screenwriter and producer John Engel was a production manager for the cult movie Maniac Cop ( 1988 ) and for Neil Jordan’s international box offi ce hit Interview with the Vampire ( 1994 ). Engel does seem to have something with vampires, as he produced Vincent Lannoo’s Vampires, our Audience Award at the BIFFF 2010.… Continue reading John Engel