Stephan De Potter

With a degree in International Relations and Comparative Politics (UCL), Stephan De Potter quickly finds himself in the film industry. After being head of programming at Excelsior Films and Concorde Films, he starts working for Cinéart in 1997, where he slowly but surely climbs the ranks. Since 2009 he’s General Manager Benelux Cineart.

Catherine Marchand

Those who were already at the BIFFF in 2011 may have enjoyed the Belgian touch of this costume designer in the scary The Incident. Rewarded by a Magritte this year for her work in Vijay and I, Catherine Marchand will see some friendly faces at the BIFFF : in Tango Libre, she had the great… Continue reading Catherine Marchand

Olivier Rausin

Olivier Rausin is the executive producer, producer and co-producer of 12 short features, 8 documentaries and more than 30 feature films. Through his production company Climax films, he has participated in films such as Séraphine (Martin Provost), Mr. Nobody (Jaco Van Dormael), Maternelle (Philippe Blasband), Oscar et la dame Rose (Eric Emmanuel Schmitt), Les Emotifs… Continue reading Olivier Rausin