Sergi Lopez

Sergi Lopez’s first acting experience was as a participant in typical Spanish nativity plays called Els Pastorets. After moving to France, he began his professional career after nailing a part in Manuel Poirier’s Western. Since then, he has won the Cesar for Best Actor in With a Friend like Harry (2007) and has starred in… Continue reading Sergi Lopez

Sam Louwyck

After several appearances in video clips such as Tom Barman’s Turnpike and Lieven Van Baelen’s Thread, Sam wins his ticket to the big screen in 2003 with his part as Windman in Any Way the Wind Blows, his second collaboration with Deus’ lead singer Tom Barman. This is the start of a series of remarkable… Continue reading Sam Louwyck

Michael Armstrong

Starting at the age of 22 with the award-winning short The Image, starring David Bowie and Michael Byrne, Michael Armstrong immediately hooked up with genre cinema. Mark of the Devil (1970) starring Herbert Lom and Udo Kier; that was him! Besides directing, he also had a real gift for writing. House of the Long Shadows,… Continue reading Michael Armstrong