Tonino Benacquista

After dropping out of film school, Tonino Benacquista strings up some improbable jobs and occupations: night train ticket conductor, poster sticker, high society parasite and pizza delivery guy. These experiences feed his imagination and inspire his first crime fiction. Saga, published in 1997, is his first big bestseller. It’s only natural that, with his visual… Continue reading Tonino Benacquista

Vincent Lannoo

Vincent Lannoo ( 1970 ) studied at the IAD ( Institut des Arts et Diffusion ) before directing the short feature J’adore le cinéma, which won two awards at the BIFFF. In 2001 he realised his first feature film Strass, the first and only Belgian movie shot according to the Dogma 95 rules. In 2010… Continue reading Vincent Lannoo