Frédéric Jannin

Frederic Jannin is a true cultural hurricane on his own. As a young man, he drew for the weekly comic journal Spirou, under the guidance of his artistic godfathers Franquin and Yvan Delporte. From 1989 he embarks on a new memorable adventure, the Snuls wherein – from Santa Belgica to Hazewee (in Laeken) – the… Continue reading Frédéric Jannin

Eric De Staercke

Actor, director, scenarist, radio host, improvisator, but also teacher at the I.A.D film school; Eric De Staecke is a true chameleon of the arts. When he isn’t directing Bruno Coppens or Panach’Club, he flies over to Avignon to take part in a play by Jaco Van Dormael. And when that isn’t enough, he stars in… Continue reading Eric De Staercke