Matthieu Reynaert

Matthieu Reynaert (Brussels, 1984°), studies direction at the Louvain-la-Neuve based Institut des Arts de Diffusion. He then chooses to become a scriptwriter. Reynaert obtains a Master in film script and analysis at the University of Brussels. The first short feature written by this fantasy and science-fiction loving movie buff, “Juste l’Embrasser” (directed by door Samuel… Continue reading Matthieu Reynaert

Thierry de Coster

Writer, director, producer and actor Thierry de Coster has been active in cinema, theatre, radio and television for thirty years. He easily switches between the stage and the screen, between production and writing. He stands in front or behind the camera, hosts prestigious gala nights and records radio shows, Thierry does it all with passion… Continue reading Thierry de Coster

Thomas de Thier

After being ejected from a cinema school which name we won’t speak out loud, Thomas de Their reassures his parents by getting a degree in marketing… which he’ll never use or need. In 1990 he directs his first short feature (Je suis votre voisin), which proves he’s only good for cinema and for cinema alone!… Continue reading Thomas de Thier

Claude Diouri

Brilliant mind, except when he had to study. Yet he managed to get through primary and high school and obtain degrees in law and film at the University of Paris. But Claude Diouri learned the most from the university of life. He moved between Paris and Brussels and experimented with theater and photography. But even… Continue reading Claude Diouri