Jonas Govaerts

With his award-winning shorts OF CATS & WOMEN (Golden Méliès 2008), ABUSED (Best Short and Audience Award at the BIFFF 2010) and FOREVER (Joseph Plateau Prize 2005 for Best Belgian Short), as well as the Flemish cult television series SUPER8 and MONSTER!, Jonas Govaerts has been internationally recognized as an exciting new genre director, whose… Continue reading Jonas Govaerts

Andy Muschietti

After a collection of award winning shorts (Rosendo, Nostalgia en la Mesa 8) Andy Muschietti catches the eye of Guillermo Del Toro with another short film Mama. Del Toro who is a well respected director of Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboys decides to make a feature film out of it. What follow are an international success… Continue reading Andy Muschietti

Timo Vuorensola

With his one meter 98, this native of the country of a thousand lakes is part of a bunch of Finnish film makers that we dig at the BIFFF, such as A.J. Annila (Timo lent him a hand for SAUNA) and Jalmari Helander (RARE EXPORTS). Timo Vuorensola had a hell of a time with his… Continue reading Timo Vuorensola

Richard Stanley

Richard Stanley, just like his great-grandfather, is a true globe-trotter, following his anthropologist mother as a kid. Exploring the globe had a big impact on his career. When he came back from Soviet occupied Afghanistan in 1990, he started working on his first movie: Hardware, a cyberpunk dystopia that won him a silver raven at… Continue reading Richard Stanley