Geoffrey Claustriaux

While the other kids were spending their time playing soccer outside, little Geoffrey Claustriaux was stuck at home because of his asthma. A blessing in disguise, because his many hours spent at his house allowed him to discover the world of literature. One thing led to another and his passion for Lovecraft pushed him into… Continue reading Geoffrey Claustriaux

Georges Lini

Georges Lini, founder of la Compagnie Belle de Nuit since 1998, was also artistic director of Zone Urbaine Théâtre (ZUT) from 2004 to 2010. As an actor, he played under the direction of Dereck Goldbi (Trainspotting, le Colonel Oiseau, Bent), Miriam Youssef (Big Shoot), Dominique Serron (Le conte d’hiver), Wladimir Bouchner (Quai ouest), Marine Haulot… Continue reading Georges Lini