Sacha Feiner

Sacha Feiner was born in Brussels in 1982. He graduated in graphic design from the academy of La Cambre in 2005 and began his cinematographic career with self-produced shorts and clips for the BIFFF in 2007, 2008 and 2009. He got known internationally in 2008 with his Gremlins Fan Film, which earned lots of praise… Continue reading Sacha Feiner

Monique Licht

Monique Licht has a career of more than four decades in movie production. In 1973 she founded the company Olivier Films together with movie director Richard Olivier. First they concentrated their movies and documentaries on dear old Belgium (La Belgiq’Kitch) and about the pain and relief of taxidermy (Peaux de chagrin). In 1990 she started… Continue reading Monique Licht

Olivier Mortagne

15 years have passed since Olivier Mortagne started working in the family business called Paradiso Filmed Entertainment! As a fearless defender of cinema he always keeps an open look on film, without distinguishing between “arthouse” and “commercial”. This leads to the distribution of gems such as The Imitation Game, Philomena or the new Scorcese. Paradiso’s… Continue reading Olivier Mortagne

Manu Dacosse

At the age of 16 Manu Dacosse received his first camera. He has never stopped since. From making short films with his friends, he goes professional with studies at the IAD. Traveling brought him to Lebanon, where he learned to be an assistant cameraman. After some short movies he became DOP for his first feature… Continue reading Manu Dacosse