Riton Liebman

Riton Liebman, a native of Brussels, first got noticed when he was cast in Bertrand Blier’s Préparez vos mouchoirs in 1978. This makes the 17-year old leave Brussels for Paris, where a love story develops between him and French cinema. He’ll feature in the films of Yves Boisset, Aldo Maccione and Jacques Deray, while also… Continue reading Riton Liebman

Sylvain Goldberg

Sylvain Goldberg is a multi-talented artist: author, pianist, composer, interpreter, comedian and director. He is also the co-founder of the production company Nexus Factory. Beside his 15 years of experience as a producer, co-producer or executive producer for about 40 Tv-movies, features, documentaries and Tvshows (Largo Winch, Frank Rive, Le Vélo de Ghislain Lambert, Alive,… Continue reading Sylvain Goldberg

Kadija Leclere

Kadija Leclère graduates in 1997 from the Brussels Royal Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. She acts for a few years, before becoming active as a casting director. At the same time, she realizes Camille, followed by Sarah (2002), her first professional short. Two of her short films are shown at CinemaMed: Camille (2002) and La pelote… Continue reading Kadija Leclere

Martin Vachiéry

Born a few months after the Chernobyl accident, young Martin Vachiéry first discovered the BIFFF in 1999, when the 13-year managed to sneak into the Passage 44 with his dad. He hasn’t missed a single edition since. He devours dozens of films each year, with a preference for Korean ghost movies, Australian slashers and Italian… Continue reading Martin Vachiéry

Anne-Laure Guegan

Her passport might say she’s French, but after graduating in film studies at Insas in 1995, Anne-Laure Guegan decides to make Belgium her home. In 25 years, she has edited some 40 films, features and shorts, documentaries and animation, among which quite a few little gems such as Aaltra, Où est la main de l’homme… Continue reading Anne-Laure Guegan

Jean-Jacques Rausin

Jean-Jacques Rausin wasn’t really keen on his philosophy and literature studies at the University of Liege and switched to film studies at the IAD. In 2004, Xavier Seron gave him his first part in the short film Rien d’Insoluble. Twenty short films and seven features later (Eldorado, Torpédo, Au Cul du Loup…), Rausin is a… Continue reading Jean-Jacques Rausin