Patrick Raynal

Patrick Raynal gets hooked on literature by plundering his mother’s bookcase. Combined with his passion for traveling, this quickly gives results. He was first a crime novel critic before publishing his debut novel, Un Tueur dans les arbres, in 1982. This is followed by one hit after another (La Clef de 16, Fenêtre sur Femme… Continue reading Patrick Raynal

Didier Tarquin

Didier Tarquin might share his name with an Etruscan king, he luckily doesn’t share his fate, because King Tarquin was brutally murdered by two angry shepherds. If Tarquin would have found himself in that same situation, he would have defended himself with… a pen. Because everybody knows the pen is mightier than the sword. Even… Continue reading Didier Tarquin

Jacques de Pierpont

Radioman Jacques de Pierpont (1950°), known as “Ponpon”, started in 1974 with the French-speaking public broadcaster RTBF. This comic-strip and scifi fanatic is especially known for his cult radio-show Rock à Gogo, which was broadcast live every year since 1986 at the BIFFF. He’s also one of the regular DJ’s of our Vampire Ball. Ponpon… Continue reading Jacques de Pierpont

Kody Kim

Kody Kim learned to make others laugh at the school playground, where he sharpened his puns and wits. After several improvisation classes, he starts (and finishes) economy studies, but it doesn’t take long before his passion claims him again. Kody starts on the radio, where he host “Enfants de choeur” every Sunday morning with Christophe… Continue reading Kody Kim