Bjorn Gabriels

Bjorn Gabriels studied languages and literature at the University of Antwerp. This discreet and lucid thirty-year-old began his career at Cinémagie, the predecessor of Filmmagie, of which he’s now editor-in-chief. He has a voracious appetite for movies since discovering the work of David Lynch and Quentin Tarntino as an adolescent. He also writes for Flanders… Continue reading Bjorn Gabriels

Eric Van Cutsem

This independent journalist (since 1989) has always wondered whether he’s a journalist, a computer scientist, a biologist… or an alien… Maybe he’s a bit of everything !

Didier Stiers

This familiar face at the festival has been covering the BIFFF for many years now for Le Soir. He’s also a regular collaborator for L’Echo. This ULB graduate might look detached, but he is actually very rigorous and professional. His passions are cinema as well as music and there are not many festivals in Belgian… Continue reading Didier Stiers