Antoine Bours

After film studies at the IAD, Antoine Bours mainly devotes himself to writing. This takes him first to the theater with a paranoid and feminist adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula presented at Le Public Theatre in 2011. It’s a show without Dracula or hemoglobin, where the horror is rooted in human behavior. He then returns… Continue reading Antoine Bours

Koen Mortier

Despite being busy with the post-production of Angel and the pre-production of Rotterdam, I Love You, Koen Mortier agreed to take a break to join our thriller jury. This controversial and atypical figure of Belgian cinema already marked the 7th Art with two raw features: Ex Drummer and 22nd of May. As a fervent defender… Continue reading Koen Mortier

François Troukens

François Troukens’ life resembles that of a crime novel. He’s about twenty years old when he becomes a gangster. He’ll encounter all the clichés of the ‘profession’: prison, recidivism, escapes, car chases, shoot-outs and… redemption. In prison, he gets a bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature and starts writing his first scripts. When he gets out,… Continue reading François Troukens