Grégory Cavinato

Grégory Cavinato was born in 1976 in Huy but has been living in Brussels for many years. He studied at ULB (ELICIT/Master in Scriptwriting and Film Analysis) and ISTI (English/Dutch translation) and is active as a journalist, scriptwriter, translator, subtitler, pedicure, and cosmonaut. Since 2005, he has been writing for the online magazine and… Continue reading Grégory Cavinato

Yirka De Brucker

Yirka De Brucker studied art and film theory at UGent. She has curated various exhibitions, including Circularity in Antwerp, and the annual video and performance event Etcetera at S.M.A.K. Last year, she was part of the team that organized the Filem’On film festival. She is a freelance film critic for the online magazine Enola and… Continue reading Yirka De Brucker

Astrid Jansen

Astrid Jansen holds a degree in journalism from IHECS and a master’s degree in political science from ULB. She has been a freelance journalist for six years. She is a member of the UPCB and specializes in film and art news. In addition to writing film reviews for the newspaper L’Avenir, she regularly collaborates with… Continue reading Astrid Jansen