Dick Tomasovic

From a young age, Dick Tomasovic has been passionate about theater and literature. He dabbles in all genres, gets on stage, directs, writes, and publishes (including several award-winning crime novels). Hesitating between theater studies and journalism, he ends up as a researcher in the audiovisual arts. He directs a handful of short films and music… Continue reading Dick Tomasovic

Fred Castadot

Author and scriptwriter Fred Castadot has a degree in Art History and Cinematographic Analysis and Writing. This versatile writer (for music, cinema, television, comics… ) also teaches scriptwriting, film history and video art at the Agnès Varda school in Brussels since 2010 and scriptwriting at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the INSAS since… Continue reading Fred Castadot

Alessandra d’Angelo

Ex-lawyer at the Brussels’ bar association, professor in law, judicial journalist, radio commentator, lecturer and author: Alessandra d’Angelo is a woman passionate about contemporary problems in society. Since 2010, as a dedicated humanist, she specializes in the problems of social exclusion in all its forms, with special attention to radicalization. Because every individual, no matter… Continue reading Alessandra d’Angelo

Samuel Tilman

Samuel Tilman is an author, director and producer. As a director, he made two ambitious docu-fictions: the documentary series “Kongo” (2010) and “Le dernier Gaulois” (2015). In the realm of fiction, his short films “Voix de Garage” and “Nuit-Blanche” (Margritte 2011) were awarded with more than thirty awards worldwide. His first feature film, UNE PART… Continue reading Samuel Tilman