Alexandre O. Philippe

Alexandre O. Philippe is a Swiss producer, writer and director. The Hitchcock fan has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Writing and directing award-winning short films and documentaries (The People vs. George Lucas, Memory : The Origins of Alien or Doc of the Dead), Philippe is also a creative director, co-founder of… Continue reading Alexandre O. Philippe

Nabwana IGG

Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey is a jack off all trades: film producer, director, scriptwriter, cameraman, editor, as well as the founder of Ramon Film Production. RFP is a renowned studio in the Wakaliwood film industry: the new Hollywood of Kampala in Uganda which received a great deal of attention internationally in the past few years.… Continue reading Nabwana IGG

Milan Todorovic

Milan Todorovic made his entry on the international film scene with ZONE OF THE DEAD (2009), a Serbian zombie movie that hit as hard as a sip of rakija. Five years later he came to Brussels with Franco Nero to present the world premiere of THE NYMPH at the BIFFF. And that was just the… Continue reading Milan Todorovic

Mike Mendez

At the age of 10, this L.A. native started destroying his parents’ backyard to make Super 8 movies. In 1997, Killers, his first feature, was selected at Sundance. Three years later, he returned with The Convent, which he came to present at the BIFFF with his leading lady Adrienne Barbeau. Always up for cameos with… Continue reading Mike Mendez