Laurent Pecha

Long-time cinema lover Laurent Pécha is one of the pioneers of online film critique. After obtaining a law degree, he contributes to the creation of the website DVDrama in 1999. He later cofounds Ecran Large in 2004 and runs the website for over a decade. Since then, he has branched out to film production where… Continue reading Laurent Pecha

Lars Damoiseaux

Antwerp based Dutchman Lars Damoiseaux is screenwriter and director of films, music videos and commercials. Best known for his dry & edgy comedy and powerful, dark visual style, he has been a writer on TV series like ‘Undercover’ and ‘Grond’. His acclaimed feature film YUMMY, a graphic zombie comedy starring Maaike Neuville, Bart Hollanders and… Continue reading Lars Damoiseaux

Marion Renard

Born in 1989, Marion Renard grows up surrounded by rock music, comics and midnight movies. In France and later in Belgium, she studies Literature and Cinema and completes her education in Filmmaking at the INSAS in 2018; always defending her passion for genre cinema, trash and B-movies. Her projects merge colour and emotional saturation, pop… Continue reading Marion Renard

Didier Lefèvre

Diddier Lefèvre was born on May 12th, as was a certain Jess Franco… Coincidence? We don’t think so! Growing up at the height of 1980s exploitation cinema and videoclubs, Didier falls madly in love with B-movies. In 1989, he creates Médusa, a groundbreaking fanzine (28 numbers as we speak). That’s not enough to quench his… Continue reading Didier Lefèvre