2nd Japanimation Day

RAHXEPHONOne of the most popular series of the last yearsin Japan. It’s considered as a new reference inthe Mecha genre. THE SOULTAKERThis gothic series is esthetically ambitious.Kyosuke fi nds himself in a world with weirdcreatures who constantly hunt him. BecauseKyosuke has the power to take souls. FULLMETAL ALCHEMISTFull Metal Alchemist is created by BONES studio(Cowboy… Continue reading 2nd Japanimation Day

19th Vampire Ball

Closing Party of the 23rd editionLe Botanique • 26.03.2005 • 24:00 (Doors open at 23:00) DJ LOUNGEDJ POP DJ POP


Boogeyman, The Ring Two, White Noise, Creep, Riding the Bullet, Cold and Dark, R-Point… You want big spectacles ? Casshern, Appleseed, Arahan, Night Watch… You want action ? New Police Story, Kung Fu Hustle, Alone in the Dark… You want to laugh ? Satan’s Little Helper, Ghost House, the Crazy Night, Team America… You want stars ? Amanda Plummer,… Continue reading Edition2005

18th Vampire Ball

VAMPIRE’S BALL AT THE BOTANIQUE “The thunder of a nightmare’s hooves beats dreams into despair.” (from Magic: The Gathering) Thick with anticipation, the air is slowly changing from twilight to dawn, sometimes revealing what should have been forgotten, dripping red into the fountain of light in the centre of the garden. Inside this upside-down fountain,… Continue reading 18th Vampire Ball