Let’s be honest: the festivities of our twentieth anniversary left us with an upset stomach and quite a headache. To cut short: one could easily have been discouraged. But the quality of the products that have caught our eyes, kicked us back into gear. And here we are, on the verge of a Festival we… Continue reading Edition2003

Hommage Jess Franco

Born 1930, Jesus Franco Manera was 29 years old when he made his directorial debut. Since then he has more than 150 feature films under his belt that span diverse genres, making him Spain’s most outrageous and prolific filmmaker. His inimitable and instantly recognizable style, with trademark whooshing zooms and pans, is at once dreamy,… Continue reading Hommage Jess Franco


This year, the BIFFF blows out 20 candles. There’s a certain pressure on us to brag, as we are perceived as cultural trench-fighting veterans. People want saucy anecdotes and other (fantastic) stories of our heroic deeds. Meanwhile, what about the genre? Obviously, it sets us on fire. More and more often, you’ll find us staring… Continue reading Edition2002


2001, we’ve made it ! The future is now, everything would have changed but it’s not really what it’s supposed to be, this 3rd millennium : no living creature on Mars, with the exception of some wandering Vikings, no space stations waltzing in the cosmic void on music by Strauss, no monolith revealing the meaning… Continue reading Edition2001

Eurociné posters

During “The Seventh Orbit” homage will be rendered to the production house of the most outrageous French Z-movies : Eurociné. Besides the projection of some films, a dozen large, classic posters will be exhibited in the hallway of the movie theatre. Exhibitions from 17 March till 1 April at Cinema Nova, accessible every day during… Continue reading Eurociné posters

Hommage Eurociné

Young victimized beauties and evil vixens all with little – if any – clothing on, fake-looking zombies, near-sighted monsters and a horny invisible man. Eurociné Productions, has already turned out 150 Z movies. To witness a “Eurociné” film is to wonder what Ed Wood would have done had he been brought up eating baguettes with… Continue reading Hommage Eurociné


Originating from the most independent and radical branch of the French comic strip, the driving forces behind the international art collective “Le Dernier Cri” operate from a (silk-screen)printing office in Marseilles. They have already published dozens of books, posters, record sleeves and fanzines, of which “L’Hôpital Brut” is the crown jewel. This initiative will be… Continue reading LE DERNIER CRI / L’ HÔPITAL BRUT