Hommage Ingrid Pitt

A tribute to Ingrid Pitt The Queen of Horror, Ingrid Pitt is loved by fans the world over, for her lead role as the evil, malevolent seductress in the Hammer classics “Countess Dracula” and “Vampire Lovers”. In the early Seventies she became the only female horror star to counter the powerful forces of Christopher Lee… Continue reading Hommage Ingrid Pitt

Hommage Jeunet & Caro

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Director of Amelie and The City of Lost Children was at the BIFFF, Brussels International Film Festival to give a masterclass. He talked to the audience about how he started to make movie at the age of 9 and about his experiences as director in France and in the US during the making of Alien 4, Resurrection.

A tribute to Jeunet Jeunet, the acclaimed director of “Delicatessen”, “The City of the Lost Children” and “Alien 4” has also made four wonderful short features with his collaborator Marc Caro: “Le manège” (1979), “Pas de repos pour Billy Brakko” (1981), “Foutaises”(1989) and the cult classic “Bunker de la dernière rafale” (1983).

Retrospective Unreleased

Special Midnight Screenings Nova has, since its conception, a certain reputation to defend regarding the screening of midnight movies. This good tradition will be continued during the Festival, where first Godzilla and his mates will be our guests with two films by Inoshiro Honda, “Mothra vs Godzilla” & “The War of the Monsters”, and another… Continue reading Retrospective Unreleased

Hommage David Cronenberg

A tribute to Cronenberg From the beginning, Cronenberg’s reputation rests on his famous mise en scéne of techno-fantasy: the parasites, the visceral invasions of the body, the excesses of medical science, new forms of sexuality… “Stereo”: Seven young adults are submitted to a form of brain surgery which increases their potential for telepathic communication. But, as… Continue reading Hommage David Cronenberg


A persistent rumour is going around !Brussels seems to have become the capital of Fantasy!And as every respectable rumour, it’s based on real facts…At the arrival of March the city of Brussels – for the 17th time already – adorns itself in the colours of the festival (red & black). This year, the Festival is… Continue reading Edition1999


You know it. No sacrifice is too high for our team to lessen your insatiable thirst for rare cinematic jewels, surprises and new talent. Once more the Festival innovates itself with the creation of a supplementary section : the “7th ORBIT”, where we have composed a program for you that’s even more unconventional and bolder… Continue reading Edition1998