Online 36th Vampire Ball

Bal des Vampires Contest The Vampire Ball is the (in)famous event of the BIFFF, where vampires, zombies, monsters, ghosts, demons show their true colors and dance till  dawn – ‘cause no human is allowed to enter. But don’t despair… This year the Vampire Ball will take place virtually in our BIFFF Zone Chat Room! And… Continue reading Online 36th Vampire Ball

4th BIFFF Guild

The Order of the Raven Welcome at the Order of the Raven The battle has begun but the war is not over ! Join the Guild of your choice, and enter the BIFFF legend… How to join the Guild: click here We thank all our members for their support. Level 3 Wizard Jonathan BeliënFrédéric BurletPooja DaveJérôme… Continue reading 4th BIFFF Guild

Poster 2021

Carl “Charel” Cambré The BIFFF is proud to present the new poster of our 39th edition designed by Carl “Charel” Cambré! Carl (Charel) Cambré (1968°) starts sketching at a young age on beer coasters in his parents’ pub and dreams of a career as a comic book writer. After he graduates in Animation Film at… Continue reading Poster 2021


An online version of the festival fundamentally goes against its DNA. The BIFFF wants to be a warm and generous meeting place for all lovers of genre cinema and is allergic to the “everybody on their island” mentality. This is what makes an online edition an emergency solution. What makes the BIFFF so unique, what… Continue reading Edition2021

4th BIF Market

4th  BIF Market The BIF Market reaches its 4th edition (15-18 April) on a wave of enthusiasm: we are both proud of last year’s results and  of the rise in inscriptions for the 2020  edition. The number  of WIP’s (Works  In Progress) and  features has  more than  doubled, the number of participating countries grew and… Continue reading 4th BIF Market

35th Vampire Ball

Bal des Vampires Confined It should have been our 35th edition of the “Bal des Vampires”… but wait, don’t throw away your costume (and your dream of winning the award for Best Costume) because our #BIFFFConfined would not be complete without its very own #BalConfined! Yes, there will be an online contest. Yes, there will be… Continue reading 35th Vampire Ball