32 Malasana street

Madrid, 1976. One year after the timely death of General Franco, to the great relief of the Spanish people, who can finally breathe again. In this elated atmosphere the Olmedo family has purchased a dirt cheap apartment at 32 Malasaña Street. It’s a fresh start for Manolo and co, a clean slate. Of course, these aren’t luxurious times and the mortgage is quite spicy, but as long as the family takes care of itself and grandpa doesn’t soil the shiny parquet floor, they should be able to pull it off. Except, they didn’t quite look into the history of their new home and they will rather quickly find out they’ve got themselves a haunted house. Little Rafi will be the first to discover this inconvenient fact, swallowed whole by the walls of the apartment! First discovered at the BIFFF (and then the rest of the world) in 2018 with KILLING GOD, Albert Pinto sure didn’t waste any time! He returns with 32 MALASANA STREET with one simple goal: to make your skin crawl! Imagine INSIDIOUS taking place at the apartment of REC. If that already gives you the creeps, stay clear of this rollercoaster of jump scares that builds up to a horrifying conclusion. Honestly, just cancel your moving plans altogether…

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