Ellen and Martin Shaw are moving into a run down estate, which has been uninhabited for almost a quarter century. They are hoping to find a new beginning after the tragic loss of their young son. Enchanted by the beautiful countryside, the young couple immediately feel that they could finally leave the past behind. Ellen begins decorating the interiors, while Martin throws himself into his writing with ferocious determination. But soon things begin to slowly fall apart. Ellen is being haunted by disturbing visions of her own imminent death. She becomes convinced she only has 7 more days to live. Martin, retreating more and more from the real world into the dark corridors of his mind, reacts with increasing hostility. In an insane asylum Ellen finds the previous owner of the house, Frank Kosinsky. He has turned his cell into an archive of the region’s history. Ellen finds a medieval document that talks of unspeakable crimes committed on the property centuries ago. She now begins to realize that she will only discover the truth if she stops trusting her eyes and her heart. She can only trust her fear. 7 Days To Live by director Sebastian Niemann is a scary fantasy thriller that was clearly inspired by films like The Shining and Misery. Amanda Plummer (Butterfly Kiss, Pulp Fiction, The Fisher King) gives another deranged performance as Ellen and Sean Pertwee (Soldier, Event Horizon, Talos : The Mummy) plays her disturbed husband Martin.

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