A Bus Came is a Hungarian film made up of five sketches, the various parts all tied together by being connected to a Budapest bus route. The mini-films contrast sharply with one another in atmosphere and style. No Comment by Arpad Schilling, whose Nexxxt – Frau Plastic Chicken Show was shown at the 20th festival, is an unusual love story with an insertion of dreamlike sequences. In Shoes, by Ferenc Török, footwear plays the main part in the story. An industrial mountaineer‘s unlucky though somehow inevitable death is viewed from the vantage point of his shoes. Victor Bodo’s Fifteen Minutes is a description of a time period and at the same time a crime story. Shaman vs. Ikarus, by Gyorgi Palfi (Hukkle), uses comic book motifs set against the backdrop of nocturnal Budapest. Daedalus cries out for losing his son Icarus. A mythical battle with a legion of flying busses ensues between superhero Shaman and the vengeful Daedalus. Finally, Kornel Mundruczo’s Joan of Arc on Route 78 is a bloody opera-film. The story of Saint Joan the Maid is sung and performed by the dead victims of a bus accident.

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