A Good Woman is Hard to Find

To all you macho men out there, who – based on the title alone – are already drooling at the mere thought of a cinematic equivalent of Tinder: this might be a good lesson in female emancipation to y’all! There’s still time to back off with your tail between your legs before Sarah chops it off! Sarah? A housewife and recent widow who’s forced to apply for social services while her son doesn’t utter a single word since he witnessed the death of his father… Patronized by social workers, cops, even her own mother, Sarah lets all of it wash over her without protest. Even when a petty third-rate drug dealer suddenly bursts into her apartment to hide his stolen stash, Sarah does nothing. When the owners of said stash show up, demanding what ‘rightfully’ belongs to them, Sarah doesn’t say a thing. But when they start menacing her children, Sarah doesn’t think twice. In fact she doesn’t think at all. Her merciless mother instinct has taken over. And it’s going to kick the Patriarch’s butt! A Belgian coproduction à la STRAW DOGS, as if lensed by Ken Loach.

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