Twelve-year-old Conor has a lot on his plate. Sickly and dreamy, he’s the school’s favorite whipping boy. And he can’t find a sympathetic ear in his family. His father? Gone to live a new life in the United States. His mother? His mum… Conor loves her deeply, but he doesn’t want to add to her troubles. You see, a particularly aggressive cancer is eating away at her from the inside and all attempts to cure her are wearing her down day after day. Her grandmother? As loving as a prison door. Conor is desperately lonely in this cruel world… His only refuge is his imagination, which is slowly beginning to overtake reality. And every night, a few minutes after midnight, a giant monster comes to see him. Not to reassure him or protect him, but to tell him three extraordinary stories that will teach him true courage… Quite simply a masterpiece that isn’t afraid to go for Big Emotions and that was able to touch even the harshest of critics at its release in 2016. Yes, A MONSTER CALLS is a cult movie, a coming-of-age tearjerker of colossal proportions with a phenomenal cast that includes Felicity Jones, Sigourney Weaver and Liam Neeson. And who knows, during the screening, you could even ask a handkerchief from director J.A. Bayona (THE ORPHANAGE, THE IMPOSSIBLE, JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM), who is our guest of honor this year!

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