Rumor has it that dreams are essential and that whoever would be deprived of them would be bound to die!
But if dreams help us live and survive, they can also lead us on the terrifying path of nightmares… which we can only escape by waking up.
Nancy Thomson has always had sweet dreams. Obviously: she lives a respectable life as a spoiled girl in a charming Californian town, and it is quite easy for her to have good grades—yet, studies are not what will prevent her from going out with her friends, boys and girls!
And then, all of a sudden, her dreams are becoming unpleasant: they are about being followed by a maniac whose hands are made of long metal claws. In the morning, phew, he’s gone… but the marks and tears on her clothes aren’t! Nancy will soon have to learn how to survive her dreams…
Wes Craven (“Deadly Blessing”, “The Last House on the Left”, “The Hills Have Eyes”) shows violence as it truly is: too painful, shocking and deeply human.
In his movies, killers aren’t monsters but human beings. To him, “Horror is a brutal intrusion of violence into our daily reality, a violence that had been lying dormant, eagerly waiting for the right moment to wake up and throw itself upon us!”
Jim Doyle, special effects supervisor but physicist by training, is a newcomer in the field. Yet, if we’re to trust “Nightmare”, it seems as if he has already mastered it (movies such as “Wargames” and even “One From the Heart” already appear on his “scoreboard”).

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