https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWTbtc0LYjMRinko is a woman in her mid-thirties, who lives a comfortable life with her older, corpulent husband Shigehiko. One day, Rinko receives a strange envelope which contains photos of herself masturbating. She becomes even more anxious when she receives a phone call from the man who sent the photographs. He wants her to obey his wishes and subject herself to a voyeuristic spectacle. Feeling compelled to obtain the embarrassing negatives, she complies to his demands. The stalker also approaches Shigehiko and takes him to a secret club, where he forces him to watch vile and horrible scenes. Who is this man who is throwing the life of this couple in turmoil and what does he want ?

The subject matter of Shinya Tsukamoto’s A Snake of June is sex itself, presented as an awakening for the decaying human body, which must find a stimulus to live life to the fullest. In Tsukamoto’s other films, like Bullet Ballet, Tokyo Fist and Gemini, this awakening is brought on by violence. This time, it comes from within the body itself. A Snake of June, the compelling story of a married couple’s resurrection, enjoys evocative iconographic images, wonderful performances and a strong soundtrack.

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