In a world where the line between reality and fantasy has faded away, there lies a city that runs solely on the energy extracted from human shit. A person’s worth is decided by their ability to excrete regularly. Upon birth, ID chips are planted at the end of the intestines in order to register the amount of daily excretion. To encourage the production of faecal matter, the government rewards citizens with a highly addictive juicy bar each time a person goes to the toilet. When Aachi and Ssipak, two street thugs, get their hands on Beautiful, a wannabe actress who receives hundreds of juicy bars for every dump she takes, they become the target of the feared mutant diaper gang and the government’s Special Forces. Akira meets Tarantino in Aachi & Ssipak, a highly irreverent and outrageous cyberpunk anime for the 21st century. The team behind this animation blockbuster has succeeded in breaking away from sugary sweet Hollywood animation fare and over-stylized Japanimation. Devastating visuals, impressive action sequences, daring dialogues and humor and a very healthy dismissal of all possible taboos make Aachi & Ssipak a refreshing must see anime. Rotten opportunist Aachi is voiced by Seung-bum Ryu ( Crying Fist, Blood Tie ), while hardcore thug and Chow Yun Fat worshipper Ssipak speaks through the voice of Chang-jeong Yim ( All For Love, To Catch a Virgin Ghost ).

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