Jiney, clever, sexy and rich, is a photography student at the university. Her work has won her the acclaim of both her peers and her professors but it leaves her cold and indifferent. Then, one day, she witnesses a fatal car crash and, torn between revulsion and fascination, snaps a shot of a slain pedestrian. This morbid shot awakens emotion and excitement within her. She becomes increasingly obsessed with death, snapping shots of suicides and hiring butchers to slaughter animals on camera. When her fixation threatens to overwhelm her, she finally pulls away from the precipice. All seems well until someone anonymously leaves photographs and a video for her, photos and film that appear to be an actual killing staged and caught on camera specifically for her. The Pang brothers (Bangkok Dangerous, The Eye, The Tesseract) are at it again with Oxide at the helm and Danny in the producers’ seat. Ab-Normal Beauty is chock full of gorgeous and disturbing cinematography and edited with punch and style. The snuff movie theme is combined with horror movie elements to create a frightening tale of extreme obsession.

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