Abigail has been living a reclusive life in a town under quarantine, believing that her father passed away due to the mysterious epidemic (nothing to do with Covid-19, we promise). But the older we get, the less naïve we become and young Abigail starts to figure out things. Not only does she seemingly possesses similar powers as you know who, that boy with the lightning-bolted forehead, but there’s magic in every crook and cranny in town! One discovery leads to another. Abigail realizes that the whole epidemic is a smokescreen, a pitiful excuse that the authorities use to keep the town and its potentially rebellious wizards under their thumb. But if they said that her dad died from the virus, does that mean… Every shot is a beauty to behold in this steampunk fairytale that inevitably brings to mind HARRY POTTER and FANTASTIC BEASTS. It’s a thrilling quest with at the end of the road a beautiful message for the young ones: be yourself, you’re unique and no one’s taking that away from you. For the older ones it’s too late anyway. You can’t be changed, so just sit back, relax and enjoy this phenomenal spectacle!

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