Illusionist and magician Lorenzo Mancini is following in the footsteps of his illustrious father, who died Brandon Lee-style in a freak accident on stage. Mancini arrives in a new town and is looking forward to a series of shows. But before he can pull even one tiny little rabbit out of his hat, he becomes the prime suspect in a series of gruesome, theatrical murders. Obviously, somebody’s trying to pin everything on him, but who and why? There’s but one thing to do and that is to go after the real culprit himself. If only his mind wasn’t so clouded by the presence of all those beautiful women, not to mention the booze he knocks back as if it was plain water… And come to think it, who’s the chain-smoking dude in his indigo pinstripe suit who’s breathing down his neck wherever he goes? After their foray into the slasher movie (WHAT THE WATERS LEFT BEHIND, BIFFF 2018), the Argentinian brothers with the Italian name Onetti return to their first love: the giallo. Just about everything is a warm-hearted homage to the Italian pulp genre: the whacky plot, the bizarre camera angles, the artificial photography (those red and blue filters!), the electronic soundtrack, and the deliberately bad dubbing. A finger-licking audiovisual feast!

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