Advantages of Travelling by Train

“Imagine a woman coming home and surprising her husband inspecting his own shit with a popsicle stick”. That’s the opening phrase of Aritz Moreno’s first feature. It’s the perfect taster for what’s to come. What could be more innocent than starting a conversation on the train with the person you’re sitting across, right? Wrong. When Helga, a Madrilenian editor, is addressed by a fellow passenger, a good-looking psychiatrist called Angel, she seems instantly charmed. And yet the simple question “Do you mind hearing about my life?” is going to open up infernal gates, to the weirdest, most off-beat circles of Hell that even Dante didn’t want to write about. It’s impossible to say more without spoiling the trip… Well, OK, a couple of words: “Orphanage”, “Garbage”, “Doggy-style”, “One-armed army man”. It’s pretty indescribable and a true kamikaze undertaking by Moreno, who adapted Antonio Orejudo’s delirious book. A book most experienced directors wouldn’t dare poke with a stick, while Moreno dives head-first into the madness and actually pulls it off! The result is a Russian doll of a story that intertwines different stories that’ll make you scratch your head, grind your teeth, laugh nervously or all the above simultaneously. So if you’re up to it, hop on! We hope you have a pleasant ride.

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