Kathy is what we call a fat lump. Her girl friends create an awesome joke for her: they do her make-up, they dress her up with a questionable-red dress and send her to meet the handsome PE teacher in a car. A declaration of love, a violent kiss… and a microphone to share everything with her friends, laughing in their cars. Kathy runs away and a car hits her full force. Now she is in a deep coma that puzzles the doctors.
Kathy wants revenge and enters Eva’s body and takes action…
“It is impossible to forget Florinda BOLKAN beaten with chains in Don’t Torture a Duckling, the razor blade cutting into an eye in The New York Ripper, the zooms on the gun shots which explode some brain in Zombi 2, the acid blood breaker in The Beyond… Lucio FULCI does collect extremely bloody anthologies. Death really is his thing, and no one can film decomposing organic matter as he does. Something that is not easy in Aenigma by the way, as the filmmaker moderated his efforts… But, as fit as a fiddle or not, Lucio FULCI blares… in the filthy with a joyous health.” – Marc TOULLEC.

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