After Afro Samurai had finally avenged his father’s murder, he was given the chance to carry the number one headband, the symbol for the world’s best swordfighter. But Afro renounced the title and retreated to a quiet place to reflect upon a life filled with vengeance and battle. No rest for the wicked though. Afro gets a visit from the current number one, the luscious Lady Sio. Her hatred for him is fierce and more than justified. He has destroyed everything she ever loved. Through a combination of bizarre medical technology, alchemy and black magic, she resurrects Afro’s father. If he doesn’t take up the sword again to conquer the number two headband, with which he can challenge her, Sio will horribly torture his maker. Afro has no other choice then to wreck bloody carnage once again, so that the soul of his dad can finally rest in peace. Fans of visually dazzling anime will get plenty of kicks from Afro Samurai : Resurrection. There’s no need to have seen the first film to enjoy the adventures of our ultra nihilistic anti-hero, once again voiced by Samuel L. Jackson ( Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Star Wars ). Afro spares no man, woman or child in his quest, which makes you automatically root for Lady Sio, voiced by Lucy Liu ( Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels ). The cool-meter reaches further heights by the soundtrack of former Wu Tang clansman The RZA ( Ghost Dog : The Way of the Samurai, Kill Bill, Repo Men ).

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